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Be A Member


The Middle East & Africa ESD Forum is an exclusive forum for professionals who are serious and passionate about ESD.

The membership of MEA ESD Forum is FREE. Moreover, all the meetings, seminars & workshops are entirely free for members.

Why be a Member?

  1. Membership is exclusively for technical professionals who are enthusiastic to spread the awareness of ESD concerns 
  2. Networking opportunity with industry leaders and experts
  3. Competitive edge by keeping updated. Career advancement and increased earnings through improved ESD Knowledge.
  4. Access to seminars, workshops, and special events
  5. Receive newsletters showing industry’s new developments
  6. Gain recognition and Credibility in the industry circles
  7. Helping your company to implement an effective ESD control program and preserve the reputation
  8. Regular meetings throughout the year featuring technical presentations.
  9. Opportunity to volunteer activities at Universities and institutions
  10. Stand out of the crowd! Demonstrates Knowledge and commitment to the society that can prevent loss of income and human lives.


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